Thank you so much for purchasing

Please check out the video above for a message from our chief product officer – Jesus to learn more about Pixelbomb and our parent company.

Creating an account

We will check the payment records, create an account for you and then send you an email asking you to change the password for your account. Currently we’re aware of the fact that one search inside our software only generates a maximum of 3-4 images.

Increase Image generations

We want to increase the maximum number of image generations to 30 images per search and to do this - we need to switch to AWS. That would take 2-3 weeks for us to implement but we’ll definitely get it updated.

AI Image Generation

We also want to let you know that AI image generation is still at its infancy and sometimes it’s a hit or miss, what we’d recommend you to do is to perform the same search multiple times so that you’d be able to choose the best images from all the different images that are generated.

Note: If categories fail to get created – then use the same reference images to create another category – this is an issue we’re actively looking into – but when you create a new category with the same images it goes through most of the time.

Coming soon